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Finally back in Addis

Ok, Ok, I know it's been a while but I've had no power. We left addis about two weeks ago to begin our journey up north to see the historical route. Wow, first of all may I recommend a mini bus over the regular bus whenever you have the opportunity. On average the bus does 20km's per hour unless you take the "express bus." Although going "express" does not mean you do not stop in all the small towns along the way, it simply means that your driver will drive twice as fast as the "regular" bus drivers, pass them all on the edge of winding cliffs with 500 foot drops simply to be the first into the samll town in the middle of nowhere, where you do not even know the name of the town you are in or the hotel they pull up to. Don' worry if the bus disappears wil ALL you belongings, you have no choice in this matter. The bus will be locked up with security consisting of men with AK47's. The next day when you reach your final destinaltion you will get your bags. Somehow we ended up in Bahr Dar. We were not sure if we were going to make it for a long bumpy stretch. I was sitting in the back of the bus which I have learned in Africa does not make you cool, it simply means you are a fool, only because you feel EVERY bump, including the one that had me flying towards the front of the bus 4 1/2 feet off my seat inches from smashing my head on the roof. Michael and another guy had to pull me back down from mid air. We made it!

We like the city of Bahr Dar. We arrived on a Saturday so there were three markets that day, the regular market and the animal market and the Saturday market where farmers from miles and miles away walk into town to sell/trade their goods. We had already been to the Markato in Addis which was impressive although we had to be on the watch for pickpockets and other annoyances. The market here was chill, no worries. The highlights of this city were Lake Tana, the Blue Nile Falls and the island monistaries which were huge grass huts. One night we went out clubbing. We went to two traditional bars where they sing and dance for you. It was really good. They danced the northern dance, each region have their own moves. The northern dance consisted of shaking of the nack and shoulders. ....... to continue/suum up events.....
Mike and I went all over the historical route. It takes FOREVER!!!!
We also climbed and camped in the Simien mountains.
We went back to Addis for a few days, then we headed down to the Omo Valley to see the tribes. Wow, that was really stepping back in time, like 1200 years ago. We are on our way to Kenya. On Friday morning we are going to try to hitch a ride at the boarder. This is how it is done here. I really do not want to get stuck in the back of a cattle truck though. We hear the ride is HELL, 3 days of it! Once in Nairobi I will try to update my blog on a regular basis. It is hard to do here, this is the 5th time I am trying to send this condenced version.

Sarah and Mike

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Hello, I am back.

So much to write although I never have time to get online. I was able to find a camera charger in Cairo before I left so expect some pictures soon!

Since that last entry Michael and I stayed in South Sinai, went snorkeling, scuba diving and climbed Mt. Sinai!!!

We have been in Addis for two days now although we are off at 5 am to take a bus up north.

Tonight is Michael's BIRTHDAY so we are off to a club in a few minutes with a bunch of people we have met including another CANADIAN!

S & M

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This may be my last Entry!

This may be my last entry!

sunny 38 °C

I realize that having a blog means anyone can read what I have written. If you know me, you know that I like to be a bit private, therefore I have only given my blog to a SMALL handfull of people. Well, it seems as though someone else has found my blog. Rather than censor everything I write, and feel uncomfortable when I am only trying to keep in contact with MY FAIMILY to let THEM know that I am still alive, I think that I may stop contributuing to my blog and send one email, once and a while. There goes my electronic diary!!!!!! You know who you are. If I am happy and I have not responded to ANY of your emails, etc. IN what 4 or 5 YEARS do you really think that I want to be writing to you now. P.S. I quit smoking a long time ago. I am PISSED OFF. I am going to go find a cigarette!!! Thanks, do not respond on my blog. If by some chance I continue with my blog, I can not stop you from reading it but PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT ME EVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I can't believe I just had to waste 10 pounds to write this!!!

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In Luxor

On our way out to the Sinai


We are have just finished exploring Luxor. We saw many things such as the Luxor Temple, Karnak Temple -- (like in Indiana Jones), the mummification museum, etc.

We somewhat managed a felucca ride. There was no wind so we had to be towed upstream (that was quite an adventure), although we sailed back down the nile. It is hot here although there is a nice breeze because our hotel is by the water, we also have air con!!! It is not too poluted here, it is a nice friendly city.

We are off to the beach after a 16 hour bus ride!!! I am not looking forward to that but I will end up on the beach of the Red Sea!!!

S & M (Don't laugh!!)

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