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Plans for the next few days!

#1 Cruise the Nile


Michael and I are about to check out of our hotel, yes I said hotel, we have yet to stay at a hostal, we are trying to work our way down, this hotel is only half as expensive as the last one :)

Anyway our plans ar to go on a two night, three day Nile cruise from Aswan to Luxor. We will stop off in Edfu to visit Kompo and Edfu Temple. We will then stay two nights in Luxor taking in the sights which will include the east and west banks.

From there we were planning to stay on the Sinai Peninsula although a couple of men from Israel just got shot right near where we were going to stay because they were trying to sneak into Egypt. We will see how that all goes before we finalize our plans.

Bye for Now,
Sarah and Mike.

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In Aswan

Checking out Abu Simbel & Philae

Hello, day four of the adventure and since my last entry it has been just that. The day after the camel ride, we spent a whole day looking for a charger for my digital camera. It was some religious holiday so no luck. I have taken 2 pictures since I've been here. I have no choice but to put up with it. I will try again when I return to cairo. So until then, absolutely no photos to post.

We ate streetmeat before we boarded the train the other day. It was the best food we have had and yet although I believe that is what made me ill. Here in Aswan we have toured the island temple of Isis at Philae and Abu Simbel, you know, the one with the 4 huge statues of Ramses at the entrance. I really liked Abu Simbel.

It is hot here. I wore my headscarves and long pants/skirts the first couple of days and found that I got a lot more looks when I wore it. We have been amoung many tourists for the last couple of days, and will be for the next couple and nobody wears anything on their head many even wear tanktops. So for now, I choose to be comfortable, and dress like everyone else, also all of the locals we have asked say it is not a problem.

We start our Nile cuise tomorrow, so I will not be able to make another entry for a bit.

Until later,
Sarah & Mike.

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In Cairo

Camel riding!!!

sunny 30 °C

Hello everyone :)

Michael and I are fine. We arrived in late last night. Everything went well. Our driver from the hotel picked us up at 2:30 am from the airport and our room was upgraded to a suite for free. Today we went on a LONG camel ride to see the Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx. At first it was a bit strange although by the end, we were riding like pros, one handed, down hills, and at a quick pace I tell you!

We booked our tickets to travel to Aswan tomorrow evening, found a place to store our luggage during the day, walked around cairo for a while and are back at our hotel about to have dinner. Our hotel is nice. It is located in Zamalek, an island surrounded by the nile. Everthing is great although the pollution in the air can be a bit overwhelming at times.

Our stopover in Amsterdam was quite an experience I tell you!!!!
Mike now understands what "Red Light District" means!! We walked around the city for a few hours, had a coffee at a "Coffee Shop," consumed a couple Heineken pints, and headed back to the airport.

Sarah & Mike

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25 days until departure!


Just testing out what to do!

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